The Circle is an 80-page weekly magazine enjoyed by kids and teens

(with a large secret adult following too!)

After its inception in 2016, The Circle quickly rose to the forefront of Jewish publishing. It was the first of its kind-an  English weekly stand-alone kids’ magazine, and there’s still nothing out there quite like it. The Circle is on a mission to bring wholesome, engaging reading material to children and raise their level of reading and thinking.

From its offices in Lakewood, New Jersey, The Circle reaches thousands of readers In the United States, Canada, and England. And those readers reach back out to the magazine with enthusiastic fan mail, voicemails, and submissions.

The Circle becomes part of a kids’ lives.

It’s not just a magazine; it’s a movement.

The Benefits:

Your kids get their weekly dose of wholesome reading.

You get to have thoughtful discussions with them about the articles they’ve read.

We get to hear from your brilliant, talented kids when they send pictures, responses, and contest entries.

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Fun Fact

When some Lakewood fourth graders were learning about graphs, they interviewed their friends to find out which magazine was their favorite. The Circle won by miles and miles.

The Circle is the Shabbos highlight for my children. It’s amazing that one magazine can cater to practically every age and every child. They all have their favorite sections and I am happy to know that they are getting good, wholesome content together with that entertainment.

Mrs. C.S.Teitelbaum, magazine writer and Circle subscriber, London, England

Everyone Wins!